Where did we came from ? Ask your parents and their lives as well know your family and where you come from in the family tree.? I did

The end is near. Banks will fall then.corporations and panic around the globe.then our currency and then us.babylon fell the same way,

Most of all the digital era will come down with a sudden crash.as technology more advanced will incur mass price hikes for for faster speed.our reserves are low on water to charge our phones as well households utilty bills.some say it’s biblical and I say it’s not.its the power of money and list lust of greed is the biggest threat of extinction to our species and all living things the messiah is not coming.its the money that’s the problem.that is why that money is the root of all evil and we all have the chance to fix it before it gets much worse.its our fault our problem.

Mens Rights V Womens Rights, who is Right or who is wrong ?but then who is right all the time ?


no one is, we all have to communicate to each other, if one gender wages war with another gender its discrimination. but then it does not matter,its all about the love of Money power and greed that are ruining relationships in the modern 21st century. it seems money greed and power are work shipped more than the love of family, all this does affects most are our children and grandchildren. future and well being.this affects other family members, which often cause domestic violence, whether you like it or not. it takes two to tango. all charges to men in the last few years of rape charges should be further investigated in the future, and perhaps a lie detector test should be taken, depends on the age of the case, if its a cold case, there should be documented evidence, not by word of mouth, in most cases should provide solid evidence to get a conviction,

ITS  ABOUT  TIME  FOR  CHANGE  and bring back the bible to make an oath

i swear to tell the truth not only the truth, but help me God,

since that has been taken away from the court system,it seems you can lie your mouth off these days and get away with murder.

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